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Bee Blinded to Real News

Friday, April 19, 2013

The thoroughly politicized Bee has been managing it’s reported “news” so long that the real thing is now a mystery to the publication and, sadly, its readers.

The latest example is the tragic explosion in Texas.

On the evening of the explosion, the Bee kissed off the event with a two or three-graph brief, which it then buried inside Thursday’s paper. This, despite the fact, that the Bee had plenty of time Wednesday to obtain more information about the devastating blast and to insert it on page one — where the story belonged.

What kept it off the front page? The Senate defeat of gun control legislation and a delay in the over-reported Kings’ move to Seattle. Gun control? Who cares? A non-Kings decision. Weak.

Slobber, yes. News story, no

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

We’re less than three months into the new year, but already the Bee has presented a leading candidate for the most poorly written, slobbering article of the year. The page one banner, no less.

The headline reads “Serna-Mayorga is sentence.” Instead of providing the facts, the story slobbers all over the guilty party — daughter of a former Sacto. mayor. But what about the sentencing that was promised in the head? On and on, more blathering about a deceased politician and the community’s disappointment in his fallen daughter. Oh please. It’s not until the jump we find out she’s going to have to do jail time.

While we’re on the subject of slobbering, how many more stories are the readers going to have to endure of Allison Claire’s appointment to the bench? Today was the second puff piece contained in a massive section-front spread with giant pictures. Is it because she fits into the Bee’s idealistic, political correct conception of gay achievers? Unlike the Serna-Mayorga “hide the facts” article, this one prominently reports before the jump that she is the first federal judge to be in a state-sanctioned same-sex marriage. Good for her, but what does that have to do with being a judge?

What in the world did Michael Rubio do to tick off the Bee? The Bakersfield Republican resigned from the state senate recently to take a job with an oil company. Is it the oil company part that stung the Bee?

It’s something, the Bee is going after Rubio much like it trashes Republicans.

Political Bias Dominates insect

Friday, March 1, 2013

Political bias in the Bee — against Republicans and for Democrats — permeate the erroneously called news section daily.

A few examples today:

* Page-one picture of Republican House Speaker John Boehner. It’s a grimacing, scowling picture of the GOP leader. Never, ever would a similar expression of Obama run in the insect.

* Another page-one bias. The Bee can’t help but try and create a greater divide among Republicans. How it’s Rove vs. conservatives. Never see anything like that regarding Democrats.

* Anything Steinberg says is golden … after all he is all the paper loves, a local lib in charge of something.

* The Bee hates Proposition 8 and, oh boy, the President has jump on-board with the anti group. Couldn’t be more ready made for the Bee’s top story.

* Page A-8 political brutality story from South African. To read the first nine paragraphs, the reader would think it’s white cops beating blacks. But in the ninth graph, the only mention is made — as an aside — that the police department is almost all black.

* And then the Bee marginalizes the “spat” over Bob Woodward being threatened by the Obama white house. The Bee has to circle the wagons to protect its favorite president of all time.

* And then, of course, the there are myriad stories ignored by the Bee in the belief it protects Democrats and Obama. Let’s hope Bee subscribers have other news sources. Otherwise, they are the most uninformed and misinformed.

Another Day of Soft News

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Pages one and three newspaper articles are suppose to be the top stories of the day. A reader would never know that from the incommode of fluff articles — all made into features to the complete boredom of readers. And why again is it called a newspaper? The Bee no longer fits the definition, which explains in part why it is failing while continuing to flail in soft fluff.

Here are the leads of today’s page one stories:
* “On the outskirts of Shanghai … sits a People’s Liberation Army base …” What an attention grabber. Strong action verb: “sits.”.
* “Tyler Johnstone handed his Algebra 1 students sheets of paper one day last week …” A stop-the-presses lead if there ever was one. “handed?” Hard to find stronger action verbs … at least it is for the Bee.
* “Ever since the meteor exploded … Larisa Briyukova wondered …” Wondering is a wonderful thing, but not in the lead. Another strong action verb: “wondered.”
* “On Jan. 18, Univision’s star anchor … ” How impressive. Univision has a star anchor

The worst of the lot was the sport’s section obit of Jerry Buss. It wasn’t until the fifth paragraph that the reader knew that Buss had died. How pathetic. The Bee can’t even produce an obit without making into a purple-prosed feature.